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Finding Infotainment in Healthcare Ecosystem

“A frivolous lifestyle and a goodwill of saving lives combines into a single profession of Healthcare.”

If you are in the profession where your feeling of self-achievement has reached a level of profound satisfaction, you deserve something to remind you about your innate aspirations, initiating struggles and memorable days of professional beginnings.

At the same time, if you feel that your days as an aspiring medical practitioner have just kickstarted, and your initial practice moments are too troubling, you might wish to get a lay of the possibilities and connect with a medical aspirer like you.

Find your life goals

Think how you can do that?

You can watch the series ‘Starting Troubles’ and experience the life of an aspiring medical practitioner. To connect to the deepest level, let’s give you a brief.

A medical student in India, Dr. Jagdish is under training to become an ENT surgeon. Though his life has been pretty much streamlined based on the family’s healthcare professional history from the beginning, his aspirations were a little more dramatic. In simple terms, he wished to be a creative artist with high personal aspirations in various creative fields. What happens when you are pursuing a developing career while playing your passionate role on the side? Think it will balance out perfectly? Let’s just say that Jagdish got a little wake up call when the situation did not fit his description of ‘just right’.

How would you deal with the situation that keeps on testing your patience, demanding your answer and favoring your competitor? Let’s just say troubles are just starting and you have your profession and passion, both on line.

Feel this is something that will show you a different side to your medical profession? Explore the troublesome reality and possibilities that can surround a medical student. This series is way to showcase and encourage the medical aspirants to pursue their passions as well and face their troubles and life challenges head-on with a little help from HiiiH. This is a platform to unite the entire Healthcare Ecosystem under the mutually beneficial innovative sector. Let ‘Starting Troubles’ be your entertainment guide developed solely for the medical sector’s experienced, working as well as starting out healthcare professionals.  WATCH NOW

How HiiiH can personally help you?

A platform that is a solution to all your problems is drafted by HiiiH as a Healthcare Innovations portal. Every single medical student, new practitioners, medical professionals and even retired medical officials unite to form a Healthcare Ecosystem to mutually provide benefits to all parties.

  1. You can find a relevant team member for your venture if you are looking to start up a business
  2. You can be updated with all medical related latest news and happenings along with upcoming innovations
  3. You can find expert services for all your business needs from idea to commercialization
  4. You can avail the chat services and connect with Healthcare Experts and Practitioners instantly

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